Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with our residents at Mattanja to maintain independence, participate in meaningful activities, and continue to live fulfilling lives.

Physical Therapy

At Mattanja, each session and Elder is unique and our Physiotherapist understands that it is about the individual and their particular needs.

Dementia Care

We understand the challenges of caring for those with dementia so Mattanja’s Dementia Care offers specialized support to those with early, mid, or late-stage dementia.

Alzheimer’s Care

Families often lack the time, skills, and knowledge to manage all the unique needs Alzheimer disease or dementia creates. You can rest assured that your loved one is properly taken care of at Mattanja.

Case Management

At Mattanja, a monthly case management program for residents monitors both their clinical and social outcomes so that we are better equipped to give them the care that is needed.

We also offer the following round the clock services:

Assessment and evaluations

Pre- and post-operative care

Skilled nursing assessment with monitoring vitals

Catheter care/change

Diabetic care

Infusion therapies

Lab draws/injections/IV therapies

Wound care/dressing change

Wound vac competent care

Tube feeding, G-tube care, and teaching

Orthopedic care

Pulmonary care

Medication management and administration